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Welcome to #cutout

This is my portfolio, aka "The graphic design & web development block".

about CUTOUT
About me


and follow me to keep in touch

email: cutoutxyz[]gmail.com
telegram: @blazardsky


We are a team made by: a software developer/analyst, a web developer/designer, a dude who makes drawings for the t-shirts.
We may be inexperienced but still we have good knowledge and skills. We constantly try to learn and gain a greater knowledge, we want to improve every day, and we're working hard for this. We're not able to offer many services, not as much as we would like. For example we could deliver you great flyers/posters, ads, banners etc.
We'll soon release our software[1] for gym managment.

We decided to get "divided into blocks". This means each one of us have his own job, and his own "area".. This is Nic's kingdom.
Thanks for reading.

help us, we would really appreciate it 😁:


Hello, my name is Niccolò Agnoletti; this is my portfolio and cv.

Long Story Short

I'm an aspirant graphic designer, illustrator, web developer, software developer, artist, magician and philospher. I also love cryptography, lists and boxes.

Long Story... Long

I am a student, currently living near Firenze (Florence, Italy).
My interests range from photography to martial arts, from computers in general, science and nature to philosophy, psychology and reading. I am a big fan of beers (brewery), Pizza (bakery) and ice-cream (patisserie). I am actively interested in programming, graphic design, and web development, and I hope to work as visual artist & developer in the future.
Other stuff I like are list and boxes; I like to keep my stuff organized and in (my)order.. my desktop at least.
I also love cryptography, security, skateboarding and parkour.


As of working experiences I haven't had many, except for the big amount of works made for friends or family. You can see some of them by visiting my behance or github.
Feel free to say hello or hire me!

Here's a list of my skills*:


*yes, I still need to improve 'em